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Areas of Expertise


Compassion, Mindfulness & Self-Exploration

What do you need more of in your life? Do you have hope? What changes would you like to see? What challenges would you like to explore?

Individual therapy can be an opportunity to address a current life issue, or shift long-standing challenges to move toward healing and growth. Weekly therapy sessions provide a space to explore and begin to understand how your past and current circumstances inform your beliefs about yourself, what you are capable of, and what is limiting you from becoming more of who you would like to be.  Often, we repeat past coping strategies and behaviors that have protected us earlier in life but now no longer serve us.  This may leave us feeling lonely, unfulfilled or out of touch with ourselves. Collaboratively we can bring compassion and awareness to these patterns and learn how to let them go to achieve greater connectedness, self-confidence, power and freedom!


Communication, Caring, & Connection

Do you yearn to be heard? Would you like more intimacy in your relationship? Do you miss that deep sense of connection with your partner?

In couples therapy I will provide a neutral space for you and your partner to open up about communication problems, feelings of frustration, or lack of intimacy.  Perhaps you may be fearing deeper commitment, feeling distant and unable to connect, managing the damage caused by infidelity, or struggling with reoccurring issues that have not been able to be resolved. A stronger feeling of connection allows more vulnerability and risk-taking, which in turn creates a better relationship. I am here to support and guide you to explore and express your needs and desires in ways that encourage better conversations and a deeper connection utilizing concepts and interventions from relationship and couples' experts, John Gottman Ph.D and Dr. Sue Johnson


Expressions of feelings, Positive Communication, and Improved Social Relationships

Does your child express feellings appropriately? Are you looking for more loving ways to communicate? Is your child struggling with friendships and relationships?

It is common for parents to feel lost when finding the right therapist and choices are overwhelming!  While finding a therapist with the right education and experience is important, it is also important to find someone who can provide a safe and comfortable space for you and your child to express thoughts and feelings.  Counseling can be extremely effective in helping children and teens learn to express themselves in healthy ways. I  can help your child learn new strategies and coping skills for managing the big emotions.  Together we can build on what you, as a parent, are already doing.  I can help your child find balance and a sense of calm when facing challenging emotions as well as offer support, education, and new concepts to try at home! I understand being a parent is hard regardless of your unique situation, and there is nothing wrong with seeking help.  We will work together to help your family heal and thrive. 


Communication, Individuation, and Accepting Responsibility

Does your family need strategies for more positive communication? Does your family struggle with respecting boundaries? Would you like to create a calmer home environment?

The family system in which we grow and live is where each member plays a role in the daily interactions.  Families deal with challenges in different ways, learning how to navigate these challenges in both healthy and unhealthy fashions.  Therapy is helpful to address family stressors, allowing individuals to feel valued in the family system and giving better understanding of how to validate the needs of one another.  

Adults Facing Life Changes and Transitions

Focusing on midlife changes and pro-aging

Are you struggling with sadness or depression? Would you like to experience a more purposeful life? Are you feeling hopeless? Do you feel like life is passing you by?

I specialize in helping those in transition, whether it comes from challenging personal changes such as sudden illnesses or declining health related problems, death or relationship losses, life trauma, or changes in environmental circumstances. I will assist you in focusing on your strengths, rather than weaknesses, so that you may eventually become your own best adviser.  When we are faced with challenging life transitions, we may experience feelings of fear, loneliness, anger, anxiety, sadness, and depression.  My goal is to help you learn new ways of coping and gain a new perspective on personal values and beliefs as a way to transcend these feelings.  I can help you find new meaning in your life creating a healthier way to live and thrive.  Through an open, warm, and interactive style I will provide a place for connection and understanding.  I will hold hope and join you on your journey through change. 

My Approach

My approach is strength based and non-pathologizing. Grounded in the Postmodern Narrative therapy, I collaborate with clients to support a healthier life and co-create a new, preferred life story. 

Therapy is individualized for you and your needs. I am here to support and guide you to bring about the change you desire.

My therapeutic approach incorporates several modalities including but not limited to -- mindfulness based relaxation techniques, Narrative Therapy, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), Existential Therapy, art as therapy, and attachment therapy -- while utilizing a family systems theoretical orientation.


I bring a lifetime of experience to my practice.  I love helping people by listening and providing a safe environment for them to share their story with a welcoming and warm spirit!   

My Approach
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